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Wagon Train - Sponsorship Options & Benefits

The Highway 50 Association Wagon Train is a non-profit historical and educational event supported by sponsorships and donations. Please Help keep California & Nevada's only Bi-State historical event and El Dorado County's most visible and continuous tourist attraction on the road! If you or your company is interested in helping to perpetuate this significant part of our unique California heritage please contact us. We need your support to keep the Wagon Train Alive!


Special Thanks...

A Sincere "Thank You" to our Sponsors and Advertisers of the 2017 Wagon Train!


To Senator Ted Gaines, CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow, Cal Trans, South Lake Tahoe Police Department, Nevada Highway Patrol, and the Nevada Department of Transportation for their efforts in helping to preserve and promote this significant Bi-State Historical Event.


Thanks also to Doug Veerkamp for hauling our wagons to Nevada each year, the Douglas County and El Dorado County Sheriffs, the Sierra Ghost Riders Horse Club for their ever-present support, Cal Trans, the California Highway Patrol So. Lake Tahoe and Placerville Division, Placerville Police Department, El Dorado County Dept. of Transportation, Gordon Vicini for his support and water, and the Potty Pumper and others, who each help in different ways to make this week long event possible.



Sierra Vista Bank

El Dorago Savings Bank


Corporate Sponsorships

  • 8 Horsepower (8 to 10 draft horses, or draft cross horses/mules pulling double hitched freight wagons) - $10,000
  • 6 Horsepower (Wagon with up to 6 horses) - $7,500
  • 4 Horsepower (Wagon with up to 4 horses) - $5,000
  • 2 Horsepower (Wagon with up to 2 horses) - $2,500
  • 1 Horsepower (Wagon/Buggy with one horse) - $1,250


  • One wagon seat/day per horsepower. Donate $1,250 and one person rides for one day at no charge. Donate $10,000 and eight people ride one day or 1 person for the whole trip or anything in between.
  • Receive a FREE AD in our annual Collector's book, IF YOUR DONATION IS RECEIVED PRIOR TO JANUARY 15, 2018
  • Your own banner on display
  • Media Coverage
  • The satisfaction of knowing your tax deductible contribution preserves the tradition of the "Roaring Road."
  • Your part in preserving history



Help keep the wagon train rolling.

Support Sponsors

  • Gold— $1,000
  • Silver— $500
  • Copper— $250
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